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ILLUT Academy cooperates with various related institutions of the agricultural industry, with professional associations, agricultural resarch institutes, advanced technical colleges and universities, with public authorities and with partner organisations from abroad.

Based on the agriculture and technological traditions of the well-known science and research site of Paulinenaue, ILLUT Bonn-Berlin  Academy transfers agricultural and technical experiences, specialist knowledge as well as technical and practical expertise of current interest. The transfer of knowledge at ILLUT Academy is realized by various educational measures in the field of vocational and further training, qualification courses, specialzed conferences and seminars.

training courses

The ILLUT teaching staff comprises teachers with university degrees as well as lecturers of research institutes, agricultural associations and enterprises, governmental institutions etc.

ILLUT imparts technical knowledge in the generalfields of practical farming, applied science and technology, ecology andenvironmental protection as well as management expertise with special regard to business administration.

The ILLUTtraining courses mainly focus on participants from Germany and Eastern Europe. In the last ten years ILLUT Academy e.g. has qualified more than 2.500 participants from Poland (government officials, directors, consultants, teachers and studends) on behalf of the Polish government. 

polish people in 2004

Since 1998, an increasing number of participants from Asian countries has taken part in the courses of ILLUT in the fields of practical farming, husbandry, agricultural management and food processing. For most part technical personnel and administrative staff as well as vocational teachers (multipliers) are send to ILLUT in the attending various qualified training courses for periods of one or two weeks, of one month or even longer. At the end of the training courses the participants get a qualified certificate.

After finishing the ILLUT training courses, the transfer of knowledge usually completed by excursions to selected countries of the European Union with an efficient hightech-agricultural basis, e.g. Holland, Belgium, France or Italy. This is to study in a comparative perspective different experiences with modernising and adapting agriculture to the demands of the European Common Market and the WHO.